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“At first glance Joel Palmer seems to be just a man, with a guitar, its true, but just a man all the same. Nothing could be further from the truth.

He is a WIZARD, a necromancer, a Hipster and a troubadour in a three piece suit.  Strange garb for so versatile a rocker, so deep a writer, so twinkly the elf of music and merriment.  Palmer’s shows never disappoint but no one knows what will come out of that guitar, sometimes even Palmer himself. He is equally at home and master of the blues, swing, ancient folk music, rock standards and that is only for openers.

When he decides to do one of his originals, in any of the above styles, it is a song you probably have never heard and yet it is deeply familiar and you get into the flow of the song at your root level, being touched at your innermost core.  The next minute he is swinging with Hogey Carmichael or Pete Seeger and he sweeps you along and you are glad to be on the ride. He will reach out into the audience and commandeer a person to play a song with him, or he plays with you, either way he has a way of making the listener the star. He is only the delivery man, the Big Brown of the live performance, getting there on time every time.

And you can’t ask for more of a mere man, can you?”

- Tom Saunders, Host- FOLK IT!,


“Joel Palmer is one of the most entertaining and versatile artists in Michigan. Whether it’s Americana, Jazz, or classic American music, Joel is the one you want leading the band. His Great American Songbook quartet was the highlite of our outdoor festival, ‘Pumpstock 2010’ in East Lansing. If it’s a solo or duo singer / songwriter you need, Joel’s got an amazing collection of his own songs (and great artists to pair up with) that will entertain any crowd.” - Smitty Smith, Pump House Concerts

“Joel Palmer is one talented entertainer. His outstanding original tunes and outstanding renditions of cover tunes will get your audience dancing! Joel is an amazing talent and a MUST see. His shows always please.” - Bob Marshall, Singer/Songwriter – House Concert Host

“Joel Palmer lights up the stage like a supernova.  Rocketship guitarmanship, stellar performance skills, and charm that has his audience orbiting like comets around the sun. Whether his audience is sixteen or sixty, Palmer connects, communicates and entertains in a way that makes everyone smile and want to get up and dance.” - Maggie Ferguson, WXOU and Host of Live! From the Livingroom.

“Joel Palmer is a solid and reliable entertainer as well as a top-notch technical guitarist. Everyone in any audience is sure to be impressed by Joel’s music, and by his presentation skills.” - Michael J. Ewing – Singing Horse Productions, LLC

“Joel Palmer is a true showman and entertainer. You can’t leave his shows without a smile on your face.” - Bill Keith, Trinity House Theatre

“Joel Palmer charms audiences of all ages with his old time vibe and rapid fire jazz chords. He’s incredibly well versed in the classics and has a way of illuminating the Great American Song Book with the warmth of his voice and spirit.”
- Jan Krist, artist